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Software jobs and skills is a powerful tool that provides an essential service to the human resources departments of modern business.
Indeed, thanks to software jobs and skills, human resource managers have an overview of the skills mastered by each employee.
Software jobs and skills will also help define the skills to be acquired, and possibly connect to an internship or related training.
Thus, thanks to software jobs and skills, business leaders and human resource managers can easily monitor the development of the skills they deem necessary to acquire at all levels of society. The Competence software allows you to edit more detailed reports of human capital of the company. We offer a competent Réalisium software offering all essential, and if necessary adapted to the specific needs of each client functionality.

Since 1997, Realisium society, is a leader in providing financial and HR solutions, including credit management with CréditXpert, the management of professional training with FormView and skills management.

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