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The individual right to education is a right that gives all employees the opportunity to earn a certain number of hours per year in order to devote to conduct training during his professional life.
Management dif is still supported by the employer must also grant such right to an employee after receiving a written request.
To effectively manage this type of law in a society, it is recommended to use a specialized program management dif that will ensure all the necessary tasks to completion.
These functions are included in the package FormView framing vocational training in enterprises, and edited by Réalisium.
Each employee has the right to develop at his career by improving their individual skills through individual right to training. These shares are paid more if they are done outside of working hours.
Management dif is a specific task become unavoidable: it is dedicated to human resources.
Management acquired DIF will be dropped from 1 January 2015 following the reform of vocational training in the CPF account or staff training, March 5, 2014, Decree of 2 October 2014. The DIF acquired can then be exhausted.
You will find the management of DIF in the package management training FormView edited by Réalisium.

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