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Software ready CréditXpert is for financial institutions, banks, pension funds, insurance companies, works councils, social services, public administration as the Regional Councils, Town Councils, or organization required to provide and manage loans or credits.
To cover the entire loan management, commercial approach to education and life loans with maturities and calls of events or incidents folder software ready CréditXpert aims, until to the stop of the loan.
These steps are framed by an accounting and automated generation SDD or pay. The management software also allows credit CréditXpert manage an unlimited number of funds with a sophisticated consolidation.
For each of our clients, the loan software is provided either as standard, but usually requires a custom extension so all goals of the company.
This is our feature in the world of financial software and particularly credit management software, which are usually heavy and expensive to change.
To summarize, the software ready as CréditXpert offers a full range of financial tools to manage your overall lending activity without having to worry about setting schedules modules.
CreditXpert performs automatic noncash maturities and fund transfers to SEPA.
It is also essential for a company to maintain a certain level of confidentiality, which is the case management software Créditxpert credit. Management software Créditxpert loan is ideal for a variety of existing computer configurations on the market and allows full péréniser acquisition time, making it a major player in the world of financial software.
Tracking sheets discounts and staffing companies is done through a feature requests and reminders to condition the granting of loans to numerical results.

Since 1997, Realisium society, is a leader in providing financial and HR solutions, including credit management with CréditXpert, the management of professional training with FormView and skills management.

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