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Financial software package which includes the management of loans and credits Réalisium is for financial institutions, banks, pension funds, insurance companies, works councils, social services government Commes Regional Councils, Town Councils, or body brought to octoyer and manage loans or credits.
Any financial software designed to fully meet the multiple needs of companies manipulating financial flows in ensuring the security of its data. Each financial software must be adapted to each specific case and to achieve all the objectives of the company.
This is the case of financial software CréditXpert management software of loans that cover the entire loan management, commercial approach aims, education and the life of the loans call for dates and events or incidents folder, until you stop it.
These steps are framed by an accounting and automated generation to SEPA direct debits.
The CréditXpert financial software also allows to manage an unlimited number of funds with a sophisticated sytem consolidation. For each client, the financial management software CrédiXpert Credit is provided either as standard, but usually requires a custom extension so all goals of the company.
This is our feature in the world of financial software, especially software credit are usually heavy and expensive to change.
To summarize, the financial management software credit CréditXpert offers a full range of financial tools to manage your overall credit activity without having to worry about setting schedules modules.
Finally the SEPA standards for bank transfers is acquired, this trend is now mandatory in all financial software manipulating currency flows.
It is also essential for a company to maintain a certain level of confidentiality of information, which is the case Créditxpert financial software.
Financial management software credits Créditxpert is perfectly suited to a variety of existing computer configurations on the market and allows full péréniser acquisition time, making it a major player in the world of financial software.

Since 1997, Realisium society, is a leader in providing financial and HR solutions, including credit management with CréditXpert, the management of professional training with FormView and skills management.

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